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Pickett Consensus
Mike Pickett is the lead handicapping voice at OddsShark.com and he merges all of that site’s statistical and trend power with his own sports expertise to produce the daily Pickett Consensus.

A combination of handicapping talent, predictive math modeling and power ranking disparity assessments is held up against the opinion of the voting community at OddsShark.com to produce a select few Pickett picks each day.

In some cases, only one game per day may register enough of an edge to justify inclusion as a Pickett Consensus play. Suffice to say, it will be the best bet on the board that day.

If the thousands of voters at OddsShark.com are 91% backing a particular team, we’ll tell you about it. If math models produce a 13-2 run on totals (like the first week of NFL over-under charts produced) and a 10-4-1 ATS run on 15 Sunday NFL games, we’ll be sure to share with you.

When a trend or angle that everyone agreed was solid turns out to be wrong, we’ll tell you that as well, while trying to analyze why the theory failed.

And while football and hoops are king with bettors and king with the Consensus, you will also find hockey and baseball picks here (some free NHL picks are shared with the blogging community at FoxSports.com each day).

Don’t see any of the other handicappers making predictions on UFC events or making prop picks on major golf events like the Masters? The Pickett team has these sports covered as well, tapping their vast resources and network of contacts throughout the sports world to come up with solid angles every time.

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