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Doc Moseman
When Doc Moseman speaks, sportsbooks listen.

Often they take heed and scramble to adjust their lines.

It was the 1980s and Doc's annual release of his Big Ten College Football Game of the Year was as good as gold. Doc hit with that pick year after year, 13 consecutive seasons. It got to the point where Vegas books would move the line immediately knowing Doc’s many customers would be betting the game.

They also knew he was probably going to win and they were going to lose money.

That Big Ten winning streak ended and times have changed with the Internet changing the face of the industry and changing the way we access information and make our bets. But what hasn’t changed is Doc Moseman’s commitment to hard work and picking consistent winners.

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PickShark.com is proud to welcome Doc to the select lineup of handicappers here, bringing his name and nearly 40 years of experience to the table.

Much has changed since 1971 when Doc started his business. The core values and integrity remain the unchanged. When you are a Doc’s customer, you are treated like family and his customer service team makes sure you have all the information possible to be successful.

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