Buying Sports Betting Picks

The decision to buy picks or handicap the games yourself is a unique decision. It can be impacted by the fact you like to research your own angles and trends or by the fact you love to bet on sports but don’t really have the hours each day to properly handicap the games.

In the latter instance, investing $10 or $20 per day in getting a fulltime, professional handicapper’s opinion and picks – a handicapper you like and trust – may be a terrific value. If you are betting $2 per game, it doesn’t make sense to pay $20 for a pick package. If you are betting several games, then maybe it makes sense.

How Do I Pick a Handicapper?

It would be neat to come up with a long list of skills and attributes you should look for in choosing a handicapper, but there is only one bottom line – does he win regularly?

If the answer is yes, then he is golden and you should hang on his every word and sports pick. If the answer is no, you really should be looking around for someone who can. At the very least, since crazy stuff happens in sports, his analysis and knowledge of sports and betting should be top-notch so that you are certain he knows his stuff inside and out.

To find that guy, you need to watch his record, study his style and learn how he handicaps games. And really, you might not even really care about that, so long as when you buy his package, it wins more often than it loses.

The Internet is full of information about every game, every betting trend and every sports handicapping theory or angle. There is also plenty written about the handicappers. The ones given the privilege of selling their picks here are the best of the bunch, bringing decades of experience, integrity and fairness to their dealings with customers.

And in the case of Prediction Machine and Pickett Consensus, they bring years of mathematical number crunching and power rankings and gathering consensus data that helps you beat the spread.

Doc Moseman has been betting the spread for decades, long before the Internet arrived and back in the day when his Big Ten Game of the Year sent shivers through the Las Vegas sportsbook community. He almost always won, so Vegas oddsmakers always changed their odds when they knew which way Doc was betting.

Same story with Michael Dempsey, a three-decade veteran of horse racing circles and a popular and respected member of that community. We’re proud that he joined the team here to provide horse picks year-round.

Jim Feist has won more handicapping titles than just about any other sports bettor, while Rich Crew, who does not have a huge profile, just keeps picks winners year after year. We bought his college football picks and kept winning – so we didn’t care if he was world-famous or completely unknown or somewhere in between.

So look around, watch some free picks and sample some of the reasonably priced daily picks packages brought to you by the team here at Good luck.